Jeil Special Canada Inc

* Construction machinery and equipment installation work
* Business facility management and business support service
* LCD, OLED, and PDP equipment transfer transportation, installation, and maintenance.
*Global relocation, installation, and maintenance of semiconductor and precision
, presses, and industrial machinery
* Special objects, loading material transportation, and installation business.
* Industrial, environmental facility construction business
* Manufacturing and sales of general machinery
* Manufacturing and installation of mechanical equipment
* Cargo transportation and international logistics brokerage
* Domestic and overseas factory relocation, new installation business
* Wooden box manufacturing and sales business
* Heavy equipment rental business
* Protruding land works related to each subparagraph.
* Asset trading and rental business
* Specialized equipment assembly specialist labour support, business consulting.

Phone: 1-519-800-1246, Fax 1-313-556-1334


2555 Ouellette Ave Suite 160-C, Windsor ON N8X 1L9 , Canada

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